2 Girls, 1 Closet

About Us

2 Girls, 1 Closet is the brain child of Carlotta Champagne, and Titania Lyn- two professional nude models who ironically are obsessed with costuming, fashion, and vintage (and have solely maintained BFF status due to the fact that they don't wear the same size clothing). 

Carlotta and Titania would like to say that they are collectors of all fabulous things, but they've run out of room... which may put them closer to the hoarder side. This means you're in luck! Closets are over flowing, so its time to purge!

Keep an eye open for the ladies at upcoming conventions and events. 2 Girls 1 Closet is currently focusing on cosplay (including pieces directly from the movie studios!), drag costuming, post apocalyptic fashion, and vintage-Titania prefers the classic pin up of the 40's and 50's, and Carlotta digs the 60's through 80's.